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Power MP3 Cutter Joiner is an uncomplicated app that will allow you to merge and cut a selection of audio file formats.

Just bear in mind however, that Power MP3 Cutter Joiner is not an audio editing tool. Although it allows you to cut and merge with considerable precision, it does not provide any other editing features such as equalizing or mixing. If plain cutting and joining is what you need though, this is a solid app that is easy and pleasant to use.

Power MP3 Cutter Joiner has a very simple interface. Add your file, pick a start and finish time and press Cut, or find the file you want to merge with and press Join. The timescale slider is easier than usual to use, and you'll have the option to preview your work before making any final changes.

The Power MP3 Cutter Joiner configuration options mainly relate to the technical specifications of the output file formats - MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA. There's also a basic help file, but we can't see users having many problems while using this app.

For straightforward cutting and merging of audio files, Power MP3 Cutter Joiner is a solid app.

Power MP3 Cutter Joiner is an audio editor tool that builds the audio files you want by using an audio cutter and audio joiner. It supports MP3, WAV, WMA and OGG cutting/joining and it does the process without using any disk space. This tool is useful if you have many songs stored in your computer and you want to customize them. You have the option to cut part from every song so you can merge them into one file. Power MP3 Cutter Joiner is very easy to use. You just have to set the start time and the end time and then click the join button to do its process. Power MP3 Cutter Joiner also has some unique functions. One of these is you can edit the filename in the program. It also saves the id3 information from the original files even after the cutting process. Power MP3 Cutter Joiner is convenient to use because of its batch cutter function. This allows you to cut multiple files at one time so this will save a lot of your time.


  • Easy to use
  • Preview your files
  • Rename files within the program


  • Only cuts and merges - no editing

Program available in other languages

Power MP3 Cutter Joiner for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V 1.12
  • 3.4


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